Tastes That Travel You...

Gastronomy is an Art. Local materials. International Trends. Non-negotiable Quality. Authenticity and Tradition. Love and Vision. Cosmopolitan with Essence.

About us

Francy's Catering has been operating in catering industry since 2015 with the aim of providing you with a unique experience through integrated services that cover every social and professional event.

The staff at Francy's Catering have the necessary experience to meet your needs and are always willing to help with any issue, both before and during the event.


Our Concept...

Our love for the catering industry, as well as our experience in this area, have led us to the decision to create our own company, in an ideal event venue that we have.

Our passion and dedication compined with our organizational skills in the "catering" sector, compose the ultimate setting for unforgettable events for our clients.

Trust our experience and our innovative ideas, and you will discover all sea flavors inspired by the local Aegean products of our island.


Spyros Roussounelos


Francy Stergiopoulou


The Venue

We have the space, the tools and the experience to perfectly and efficiently cover every form of social event, from a basic buffet of a seminar to the queen of events which is the wedding.

Our staff offers you complete and original solutions for every kind of event and a wide range of tasting suggestions that will impress even the most demanding guests and make the environment that brings your dream come true.